Project Overview

Helpers at Home have been in the au pair and cleaning service industry for a long time and after I designed the logo for their second company, The Nanny Cab, they strongly felt that they needed to revamp Helpers at Home to fit the fun, modern style of their second company that goes hand in hand with this company. Their previous logo (not my work) was a generic logo style so when it came to my task of creating a new logo my client have me a lot of creative freedom. I had the perfect idea in mind and when I pithed it to my client she loved it. Down below you can view the main logo along with the variations for each service.

Helpers at Home 1 Zaendre Fine Art Design

More about the project

I created the logo to grab the overall focus of the company and then created a variation for each division perfect to use for advertising and branding. Using font and colour psycology I created a brand identity that it fun, playfull and creative while still being professional. The blue tones expresses their profesionalism and loyalty to their clients while the coral pink emphasizes the nurturing, gentle and compassionate qualities of their staff.