Project Overview

Klankland (direct translation to english “sound land”) is an Afrikaans christian program to help parents teach their children to read and write. Klankland consists of theatre production quality audio stories each spesifically written to teach the children different characters of the alphabet while developing their imagination and vocabulary. With the stories Klankland needed activity books to further promote and help the children with reading and writing and that is where my work started. All clipart illustrations in the activity books as well as the actual activities and parent guide books have been illustrated and designed by me.

Klankland 1 Zaendre Fine Art Design

More about this project

With over 260 clipart illustrations and counting, over 230 illustrated and designed activity sheets and counting as well as growing parent guides and other extra illustrations I can not possibly show everything but please have a look at some of my work for this growing project and go check out these amazing products on their website. All illustraions are originals and hand drawn digitally by me (Zaendré) and are copywrited along with all other work for this company.

Klankland 2 Zaendre Fine Art Design
Klankland 3 Zaendre Fine Art Design
Klankland 4 Zaendre Fine Art Design
Klankland 5 Zaendre Fine Art Design
Klankland 6 Zaendre Fine Art Design
Klankland 7 Zaendre Fine Art Design