Little Blessings

Project Overview

Little Blessings Preschool is a school that puts a lot of effort into their students and making their preschool days fun and exciting. Over the last couple of years I have created many illustrations and designs for them including their custom stick figure range, requested by the principal who loves stick figures. I have also designed their anual school calendars, birthday certificates, flyers for advertising in private school diaries etc.

Little Blessings 1 Zaendre Fine Art Design

More about this project

Posters for special days and public holidays for social media and print. Custom shape illustrations for emails and new school calendars and royal illustrations for concert used in the advert I designed for their concert as well as large cut outs for the theatre backdrops.

Little Blessings 2 Zaendre Fine Art Design
Little Blessings 3 Zaendre Fine Art Design
Little Blessings 4 Zaendre Fine Art Design